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About Podcasting
Podcasting is an increasingly popular method of distributing media in digital audio format. Listeners download audio files to computer or portable mp3 player (e.g., iPod). The user then listens to the audio at their convenience. Broadcasting over the internet to iPod-like devices = "podcasting".
Podcasting has become mainstream only recently (a detailed history). Over the past few yearss, podcasting has become increasingly widespread. By expanding distribution of scientific research into the podcasting medium, more scientists can access more information more conveniently.
If you are the publisher or editor of a scientific publication interested in podcasting your science to the world, learn more and email info@scienceaudio.net. We look forward to hearing from you!
If you are a reader interested in listening to a podcast of your favorite scientific publications, check our directory, or write your editor and request that they contact Science Audio about podcasting your favorite publication.